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we don’t learn from each other

“We used to say it takes a village to raise a child and now we are so busy protecting the child from the village that we don’t harness the wisdom of the elders and we [...]

Tendencia a simplificar todo en datos

“Hay una fuerte tendencia a simplificar todo en datos. Un niño que saca un cuatro no sabe la mitad que un niño que saca un ocho”. Adell, J. (2017, enero 5). Entrevista con Carolina Blázquez.

Powerful learners are reflective

"They are able to step back and take stock of progress. They are able to mull over their actions and consider how they might have done things differently. Good learners are self-aware, able to contemplate [...]

Emotion in Education

We all had teachers when we were younger. Some were good teachers, some were not so good. But you know we all remember teachers who affected us in a profound way. (...) The only thing [...]

La escuela y sus fuentes

El aprendizaje, la experiencia, las prácticas y los usos de los medios entran en la escuela con los alumnos, pero no se analizan ni se discuten dentro del aula. (Pereira, Fillol y Moura, 2019, 47) [...]

Cambiar el mundo

La educación es el arma más poderosa que puedes usar para cambiar el mundo.   - Nelson Mandela