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6th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd’20)

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The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) organizes the 6th International Conference on Higher Education Advances (HEAd’20). This conference is an space for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas, experiences, opinions and research results related to the preparation of students, teaching and learning methodologies and the organization of educational systems. Date: June 2-5, 2020 Place: Faculty of Business Administration and Management of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)  The following topic areas will be the topics of work (but are not limited) Innovative materials and new tools for teaching Teaching and learning experiences Educational technology (e.g., virtual labs, e-learning) Evaluation and assessment [...]

Com generar un ecosistema educatiu al barri? L’experiència de +Educació Sant Andreu

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En el marc de la proposta Educació 360, que busca connectar els aprenentatges que és produeixen en tots els temps i espais de la vida de les persones, es presenta aquest vídeo que explica com generar un ecosistema educatiu al barri, posant en contacte els centres educatius amb els recursos i propostes educatives que ofereix la comunitat. Aquest és el repte que està treballant el projecte +Educació Sant Andreu (de la ciutat de Barcelona). Es tracta d'un projecte comunitari que neix de la necessitat d’algunes escoles de Sant Andreu de treballar en xarxa per oferir més i millors oportunitats educatives al [...]

Continued Progress: Promising Evidence on Personalized Learning

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has engaged RAND to carry out an ongoing study of foundation-funded schools that are employing promising approaches to personalized learning. This research is part of a public commitment the foundation has made to spread effective practices across districts and charter networks, develop innovative roles for teachers, and support implementation of college-ready standards. This is the second report in a series focused on the achievement data, school design characteristics, and teacher and student perceptions of schools implementing personalized learning The concept of personalized learning has been around for some time, but the adoption of personalized learning [...]

Com convertir els recursos de la comunitat en oportunitats educatives?

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Experiència de l'escola Jaume Miret, Lleida En el marc de la proposta Educacio360, que busca impulsar i donar suport pràctiques educatives que connectin els espais i els temps educatius de la vida dels infants i joves tant dins com fora de l'escola, es presenta en aquest vídeo l'experiència educativa de l'escola Jaume Miret de Sose.  L’escola ha impulsat un projecte educatiu convertint els recursos de la comunitat en oportunitats educatives. A partir de la campanya d'excavacions al jaciment íber de Gebut, el nou equip directiu del centre ha elaborat un projecte educatiu entorn el jaciment que inclou la participació d'agents educatius [...]

Information and communication technologies and students’ out-of-school learning experiences

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The widespread availability of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has generated new activity contexts that provide opportunities and resources for learning, at the same time as expanding the learning potential of traditional contexts such as the family and schools. Within this framework the present study analyses the frequency with which students of three ages (10, 13 and 16 years) participate in ICTmediated activities outside school, as well as the learning experiences associated with this participation. To this end, we used a multimethod approach combining administration of a questionnaire with focus groups and individual interviews. The analysis revealed low rates of participation [...]

ELEOT: Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool

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https://www.advanc-ed.org/eprove/#/ The Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool (ELEOT) is a learner-centric classroom observation tool that comprises 28 items organized in seven environments aligned. The ELEOT provides useful, relevant, structured, and quantifiable data on the extent to which students are engaged in activities and/or demonstrate knowledge, attitudes, and/or dispositions that are conducive to effective learning. The environments are: Equitable Learning High Expectations Supportive Learning Active Learning Progress Monitoring and Feedback Well-Managed Learning Digital Learning The ELEOT provides an aggregate picture of classrooms across an entire school but also can be used formative and reflectively at grade level, in content-specific ways (e.g., to gather data [...]

Presentación de comunicaciones en IRED 2019 por miembros del GRINTIE

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Miembros del Grupo de Investigación GRINTIE presentaron diversas comunicaciones en la I Conferencia Internacional de Investigación en Educación - IRED 2019. Los trabajos presentados estuvieron enmarcados en el Proyecto PERSONAE - El desafío de la personalización del aprendizaje escolar: principios, posicionamientos e implementación en los centros educativos. Los investigadores pre-doctorales Mariana Largo, Iris Merino, Jaime Fauré y Sofía Varona estuvieron a cargo de exponer los siguientes trabajos: La reflexión como estrategia de personalización del aprendizaje escolar: una pauta para la observación y el análisis de una práctica (Por: Antonio Membrive; Mariana Largo; Camila Cáceres; Maria Isabel Vizquerra; Anna Engel y Mariana [...]

Report: Local Learning Ecosystems: Emerging Models

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Across the globe there is a growing consensus that education demands radical transformation if we want all citizens to become future-ready in the face of a more digitally enabled, uncertain and fast changing world. Education has the potential to be the greatest enabler of preparing everyone, young and old, for the future, yet supporting learning too often remains an issue for schools alone. As learning frameworks outlining ambitious global agendas for inclusive education and lifelong learning begin to emerge, and as societies become more connected and intertwined, it is becoming clear that society has a collective role to play in equipping [...]

Aprendizaje personalizado vs. diferenciado vs. individualizado

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https://bit.ly/2Jg9vbO Es habitual utilizar indistintamente los conceptos de personalización e individualización del aprendizaje, o incluso el de aprendizaje diferenciado. Esto es debido a la confusión existente en torno a su significado. Sin embargo, cada uno de ellos tiene definiciones y matices distintos que permiten dar cuenta de su valor intrínseco para entender los procesos de enseñanza y aprendizaje. Basándose en el libro escrito junto a la Dra. Peggy Grant, Dale Basye explica en esta entrada de blog cómo ellos entienden cada uno de estos conceptos y defienden la importancia de combinar los tres con el objetivo de generar experiencias de aprendizaje [...]

Digital Diversity: How Circumstances Shape Youth Digital Media Practices

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The 2019 Connected Learning Summit, held at the University of California, Irvine  (Oct. 2, 2019 Pre-Conference - Oct. 3-5, 2019) featured some provocative talks, inspiring attendees to consider what role they can play in addressing some of the big issues society is facing in a digital world and how civic engagement fits in. Henry Jenkins, S. Craig Watkins, Mizuko Ito and Katie Salen joined for a discussion about digital youth in the talk, “Digital Diversity: How Social, Cultural and Real Life Circumstances Shape Youth Digital Media Practices.”  The Digital Diversity talk covered a myriad of topics about digital youth and, unsurprisingly, concerns about screen [...]