BLE –Bridging Learning Experiences- has the purpose of becoming a place of encounter, of information exchange and of shared reflection for researchers, education professionals, and, more generally, for any person interested in understanding learning processes and analyzing their educational consequences in this new scenario

BLE refers to one of the most outstanding and influential features of this new learning ecology.


to promote the study of learning processes within the new learning ecology, contributing to its understanding and explanation, providing up-dated information of the most promising theoretical and methodological approaches and the most outstanding research results in the field;

to foster research and reflection about the processes of Learner Identity (LI) construction;

to identify, analyze and debate about the educational challenges that the new learning ecology presents, and the changes that educational systems should face in order to contribute to the development of competent learners in our current society;

discuss the role of learning personalization practices as strategies to increase the sense of school learning in the context of the new learning ecology, and contribute to its explanation and understanding, providing up-to-date information on the most promising theoretical and methodological approaches and of the most outstanding research results on the subject;

propose priority lines of action to advance in the direction of greater school learning personalization related to educational centers and teachers, the educational community in general, and to educational administrations and those responsible for educational policies.




  • Escola Virolai

    Con la entrevista final al tutor del TGI “Monòlegs Científics” cerramos el proceso de recogida de datos sobre una práctica en la que se trabaja con y a partir de los intereses del alumnado. ¡Nuestro más sincero agradecimiento a todos y todas las que habéis participado!

  • Escola Anglesola

    Entrevista con el director de la Escola Anglesola, Toni Otero, para iniciar la segunda fase en el centro.

  • TGI “Monòlegs Científics”

    Terminado el TGI “Monòlegs Científics” todo el alumnado de 1º de ESO de l’Escola Virolai ha cumplimentado un cuestionario para valorar la experiencia.

  • Institut Quatre Cantons

    Entrevista con el equipo directivo para iniciar la elaboración del Plan de seguimiento en el centro. Han asistido Óscar Altide, Miriam Redondo y Xavi Badenas del Institut Quatre Cantons y Javier Onrubia y Anna Engel de Implica-te.

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