Learning experiences and learner identity in the digital age: mapping learning pathways across formal and non-formal educational settings [BLE_LI]

In the context of the Information Society (IS), the incorporation of ICT in practically all areas of human activity has fostered new and multiple opportunities to learn, as well as it has considerably expanded the potential of traditional scenarios as sources of learning. That is the reason why participation in activities that take place in diverse contexts is becoming a more important source of learning. People move through these contexts, participate in activities that take place there, take advantage to a greater or lesser extent of the opportunities they offer to learn and have learning experiences that provide the raw material to build a representation of ourselves as learners, in other words, they favor the construction of our learner identity (LI). In this line of ideas, BLE_LI project was aimed at deepening in how people build themselves as learners and in the LI construction processes.