Learning: a sense-maker’s guide is a timely book and an essential contribution to the debate about teaching and learning, published by Chris Watkins in USA. As the title suggests, this book is not merely about making sense of learning. Importantly, it aims to help the reader to make critical sense of the plethora of new ideas about learning and to use what is available selectively and intelligently. It is a key part of Teaching to Learn campaign which aims to put learning at the center of the education policy agenda. Although written with practicing teachers and lecturers in mind, Learning: a sense-maker’s guide is a book which a wide range of readers will find of value: teaching assistants and others who work to support pupils’ learning in schools and colleges; headteachers and governors; students of education and lecturers in higher education; and administrators and managers in local authorities. Politicians and policy-makers might learn a lesson or two as well.


Watkins, C. (2003). Learning a sense-maker’s guide. London: Institute of Education.

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