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Three Core Social-Emotional Skills Students Need to Succeed in 2040 and Beyond

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Social-emotional skills are important, but how can we help students cultivate them through meaningful learning experiences? Three Core Social-Emotional Skills Students Need to Succeed in 2040 and Beyond explores the top three social-emotional skills learners need to graduate future-ready, as well as guidance for educators around classroom practices and strategies, including: Practicing a growth mindset to foster emotional regulation Pursuing service-learning opportunities to cultivate empathy and perspective-taking Developing deep self-knowledge through reflection KnowledgeWorks have created a poster to hang in your office, classroom, or staff lounge to help keep these skills top of mind, including ideas to help students develop and [...]

Learning a sense-maker’s guide

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Learning: a sense-maker’s guide is a timely book and an essential contribution to the debate about teaching and learning, published by Chris Watkins in USA. As the title suggests, this book is not merely about making sense of learning. Importantly, it aims to help the reader to make critical sense of the plethora of new ideas about learning and to use what is available selectively and intelligently. It is a key part of Teaching to Learn campaign which aims to put learning at the center of the education policy agenda. Although written with practicing teachers and lecturers in mind, Learning: a [...]

Steps to Creating the Conditions for Deep, Rigorous and Applied Learning

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Many school administrators, teachers and parents want the education provided to children to be high quality, rigorous and connected to the world outside the classroom. Teachers are trying to provide these elements in various ways, but a group of schools calling themselves the “Deeper Learning Network” have codified some of what they believe are essential qualities of deep learning. Some of these qualities include learning designated content, critical thinking, communication skills, collaborating effectively and connecting learning to real-world experiences. The infographic Steps to Creating the Conditions for Deep, Rigorous, Applied Learning shows us the keys of how to promote deeper learnings. [...]

From Vision to Reality: Personalized, Competency-Based Learning for All Kids

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From this page you can download for free this guide designed by Virgel Hammonds and Jesse Moyer. The authors talk about the pillars of personalized learning, which involves putting students in the center and requires attending to four factors: deeper learning, equitable and basic curriculum, considering the learner agency, and the social and emotional skills. It offers recommendations to implement personalized learning with strategies for students, teachers and districts or communities. Download the report https://knowledgeworks.org/resources/vision-reality-personalized-cbe/

Putting students at the center: A reference guide

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This Reference Guide is a continuation of an ongoing effort intended to promote, encourage, and guide the implementation of student-centered approaches to learning in ways consistent with what is known about the skills, dispositions, and knowledge that matter for college and career success and civic engagement, and when, how, and where to best develop these Nellie Mae Education Foundation. (2013). Putting students at the center: A reference guide. Quincy, MA: Author. Retrieved from http://www.studentsatthecenterhub.org/wp-content/legacyimg/NMEF_sclreframeweb.pdf

Charla TEDx “Aprender en casa”

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La Dra. Melina Furman, educadora y madre, se centra en esta charla de TEDxRiodelaPlata en cómo desde el entorno familiar se puede despertar en los hijos el deseo por aprender. Partiendo de la premisa de que las ganas de aprender son el combustible esencial de la educación, la ponente explica cómo en las conversaciones que se tienen en casa se les puede dar a los hijos e hijas un regalo que van a disfrutar toda su vida: la confianza en su propia capacidad como aprendices. En esta charla sintetiza de manera clara y amena algunas de las reflexiones que ha tenido tanto en [...]

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