Schmid, R., Pauli, Ch., Stebler, R., Reusser, K., & Petko, D. (2022). Implementation of technology-supported personalized learning—its impact  on instructional qualit. The Journal of Educational Research, 115:3, 187-198, DOI: 10.1080/00220671.2022.2089086


Digital technology especially raised hopes to open up new possibilities to personalize learning. Although various schools have implemented approaches of technology-supported personalized learning, the impact on instructional quality remains unclear. As a common definition of the multilayered construct personalized learning is lacking, our study focuses on two theoretical dimensions of technology-supported personalized learning to investigate the impact on instructional quality. For this purpose, our study has analyzed data from a survey of N = 860 students (8th grade) from 31 Swiss schools with personalized learning concepts. Results show that student-centered teaching methods in the context of technology-supported personalized learning stimulate the cognitive activation of the students, and the supportive climate increases slightly with a higher degree of students’ voice and choice on the computer.