An Operationalized Understanding of Personalized Learning

//An Operationalized Understanding of Personalized Learning

Esta investigación descriptiva se orienta a identificar las características de los contextos de personalización del aprendizaje y sus resultados



Basham JD, Hall TE, Carter RA, Stahl WM. An Operationalized Understanding of Personalized Learning. Journal of Special Education
Technology. 2016;31(3):126-136. doi:10.1177/0162643416660835


As referenced in the Every Student Succeeds Act and the National Educational Technology Plan, personalized learning is the new focus in
many K–12 learning environments. Nonetheless, few people understand what personalized learning really means and even fewer can design and implement a personalized learning environment appropriate for all learners, especially learners with disabilities. This 18-month descriptive research study focused on identifying the design characteristics of personalized learning environments and the initial results of these environments. Findings indicate that personalized learning environments require more than technology, that the technology itself
is simply a tool to support implementation. These personalized learning environments were highly learner self-regulated, had transparent and actionable near-real-time data, provided various structures for student voice and feedback, and integrated purposeful supports for embedding the principles of Universal Design for Learning at the cornerstone of practice. Personalized learning requires a shift in instructional practice on behalf of both the teacher and the learners. Implications for further research and practice are discussed.