How Learners See Themselves

//How Learners See Themselves

En este informe, Lynne Schrum (PhD) describe la percepción que tienen los aprendices de sí mismos a partir de su interacción en espacios educativos activos y abiertos en el estado de Pensilvania, Estados Unidos. A continuación, dejamos el resumen del informe:

“How Learners See Themselves. We are part of finding the answers” (publication supported by The Grable Foundation). This report describes the experience in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, where there are many active learning spaces (with whiteboards, 3D printers, green screens, computers, etc.) that promote independence and student interaction. The effect that educators have perceived from their students' participation in these spaces is a greater engagement and enthusiasm compared to more traditional learning spaces.
This report seeks to understand how this occurs through interviews with children and youngsters as they participate in active learning spaces.


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