Researchers at the Cooney Center and UC Irvine have conducted separate surveys with 1,550 U.S. parents and 600 pre-K—8 teachers to paint a more comprehensive picture of whether, to what extent, and how children ages 3-12 are linking their learning experiences across three locales of interest: home, school, and community. This research illuminates:

  • Where children are learning and with whom;
  • How children are using technology to extend their learning beyond a single setting;
  • What roles parents and teachers are playing in bridging children’s learning across settings, and the extent to which they are working together to do so;
  • Which attitudes, beliefs, and norms appear to facilitate or impede the bridging of learning across settings; and
  • How all of the above might vary by income, community setting, child age, and family background.

Findings highlight areas of weakness and strength in this ecosystem of connected learning, suggesting what we need to pay attention to if we are intent on facilitating seamless learning across boundaries.

Access to the full report here