This study presents important conclusions from EDUCAUSE’s 2019 research on students and information technology. It also provides recommendations on giving students technology support and solution needs, in order to improve students learning experiences on campus and helping them to reach success.

Drawing on survey data from more than 40,000 students across 118 US institutions, this report highlights a number of important findings related to students’ technology preferences, supports, and experiences. While the majority of students (70%) prefer mostly or completely face-to-face learning environments, specific demographic factors influence their preferences. Labs and demonstrations, faculty/student conferences, and lectures were rated as the most preferred activities in completely face-to-face environments. For students who use them, online success tools have become increasingly useful when navigating their college experience. Dormitories/campus housing and outdoor spaces continue to be rated at the bottom when it comes to reliable Wi-Fi. Two-thirds of students agreed that their instructors use technology to engage them in class, but it is not always with the devices students already own.

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Gierdowski, D. C. (2019). ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology. Research report. Louisville, CO: ECAR.