GLOBAL KIDS ONLINE: CHILE / Chilean children’s internet use and online activities

//GLOBAL KIDS ONLINE: CHILE / Chilean children’s internet use and online activities

The aims of this study were to: (a) adapt the Global Kids Online survey to be applied in the Chilean context; and (b) to gather data from a representative sample related to the access, uses, skills and risks of young internet users in Chile. About findings, first, in relation to access, results show that 84.5% of households with child internet (9 to 17 years-old) users have a connection at home, which is higher than the home access of all Chilean households (76%) (SUBTEL, 2016). However, there are differences by socioeconomic group (SEG) regarding the availability and type of connection. Second, regarding opportunities, 84% of respondents had used the internet to perform an education and learning task in the last month. Third, with respect to digital skills, the majority of children and teenagers report that they feel ‘quite’ or ‘totally’ capable of performing a large part of most of the activities associated with each 6 skill; 84% say that they are ‘capable’ or ‘very capable’ to ‘install an application on a mobile phone’, 32% to ‘recognize the different types of licenses or internet permits’, 33% to ‘follow up on the costs of mobile applications they use’ and 36% to ‘upload videos or music they have created’. Finally, regarding negative experiences, 36% of the children and teenagers in Chile had at least one experience on the internet that made them feel bad, while 59% of respondents report never having had such an experience.


Cabello, P., Claro, M., Lazcano, D., Cabello-Hutt, T., Antezana, L., and Ochoa, J.M. (2019). GLOBAL KIDS ONLINE: CHILE. Chilean children’s internet use and online activities: A brief report. Global Kids Online network

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