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Personalized Learning: Practices and Principles from the Learner-Centered Movement

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The Institute4pl announce an article written by Julia Rutledge, M.S. of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The first section concentrates on how personalized learning environments may elicit 21st century skills and attributes in students. The second section introduces a number of current personalized learning trends and case studies conducted by The Gates Foundation. The last section examines certain extant learning environments and pedagogical practices. Link: here.

Personalized Learning. Results of a National Survey

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Executive Summary Teachers have diverse views and experiences regarding personalized learning. To learn more about educators’ perspectives, the EdWeek Research Center conducted a nationally-representative survey of nearly 600 pre-K-12 teachers in July and August of 2019. Survey results indicate that there’s an almost even split between teachers who have a generally positive impression of the personalized learning movement and those who are either neutral or more negative. Similarly, teachers are split on technology’s role in personalized learning. In addition to gauging teachers’ philosophical leanings, the study also drills down to capture their instructional approaches. Some elements and key tenets of personalized [...]

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