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Boom or Bust Academics

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https://resources.fueleducation.com/blog/boom-or-bust-academics The Institute for Personalized Learning, division of Cooperative Educational Service Agency #1 presents its blog section whose aim is to provide digital learning resources for educators. In this case an innovative school district experience takes place in the oil city of Odessa in West Texas. In a place where families are inclined to work for the oil industry moving from rig to rig and their children follow, makes difficult for students to have continuity in their education. For these transit students a digital learning tool The Stride™ Program has been created to enable them to stay on pace with Texas’ [...]

PEAK—Our Personalized Learning Platform

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PEAK is a Personalized learning Platform designed by K12 representatives. The aim of this open platform is to meet the specific needs of students, teachers, and administrators. This provides online and blended programs and helps teachers easily manage them. In other words, it empowers teachers to monitor performance, customize courses, and differentiate instruction to meet students' individualized needs. Teachers and administrators can personalize, integrate and manage online learning programs with the PEAK platform in order to students access to digital courses and content. The Platform includes tools like: • Interactive dashboards • SIS integration • Course customization • Enrollment management • [...]

Educació 360º

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Educació 360 és una aliança per a promoure més oportunitats educatives amb equitat i connectar temps i espais educatius. La proposta ha sorgit des de la Fundació Jaume Bofill, la Federació de Moviments de Renovació Pedagògica i la Diputació de Barcelona, qui han decidit sumar esforços i han convocat en ajuntaments, centres educatius, entitats, recursos i iniciatives de tot tipus. Aquestes organitzacions s'han plantejat el repte que tothom tingui més i millors oportunitats educatives en tots els temps i espais de la seva vida i connectar l'educació i els aprenentatges entre el temps lectiu i el no lectiu, i que cada [...]

The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)

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https://fcit.usf.edu/matrix/matrix/ The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) was developed to guide the complex task of evaluating technology integration in the classroom. It provides a common vocabulary for pedagogically sound technology integration for teachers, school leaders, coaches, researchers, evaluators, and professional development facilitators. The theoretical framework of the TIM is based on constructivist learning theory and research related to teacher practice. In contrast to other models for technology integration, the TIM is designed to evaluate a lesson, as opposed to rating a teacher or judging a discrete task. TIM provides a framework for describing and targeting the use of technology to enhance learning. [...]

The Institute for Personalized Learning

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Access to the interactive honeycomb The Institute for Personalized Learning is a division of Cooperative Educational Service Agency #1, a provider of high-quality, cost-effective programs and services for K-12 districts in Southeastern Wisconsin. The vision of the Institute is a world where every learner has the capacity and drive to learn for life. Their mission is to launch and infuse a learner-centered framework for scaling personalized learning and nurturing powerful learners. For this purpose, a model and process based on an action network approach has been developed, working with network schools and districts to re-design the educational ecosystem into one that is learner-centered. These [...]

Personalized Learning: What You Need to Know

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https://u.org/2GrRHIj This webpage, written by teacher Amanda Morin, offers information about personalized learning that can be used to teacher training in personalizing learning. It presents four widely used models schools follow: 1. Schools that use learner profiles. 2. Schools that use personalized learning paths. 3. Schools that use competency-based progression. 4. Schools using flexible learning environments.  Each of these models sets high expectations for all students and aligns their learning to a set of rigorous standards. The website also indicates that personalized learning approach has the potential to help reduce the stigma of special education and better meet the needs of kids [...]

LEAP Innovations: Every learner deserves to be empowered

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https://leapinnovations.org LEAP Innovations is a national organization headquartered in Chicago that connects innovation and education to transform how students learn. LEAP works directly with educators and innovators to discover, pilot and scale personalized learning technologies and innovative practices. In just over four years, LEAP has worked directly with more than 125 schools across Chicago to implement personalized learning, from classroom-level innovation in the Pilot Network to whole-school transformation in Breakthrough Schools. LEAP’s work is anchored by the LEAP Learning Framework, a suite of resources that educators across the country are using to define, design, and implement personalized learning models. Visit leapinnovations.org [...]

Cultural Praxis

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This website contains supplemental material to Mind, Culture, and Activity, an international journal that examines the relationships between the human mind, the sociocultural environments they inhabit, and the way that mind and culture are constituted in a wide variety of human activities.