5 Levels Of Student Engagement: A Continuum For Teaching

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This infographic proposes a continuum for engagement with 5 levels of student engagement: engagement, strategic compliance, ritual compliance, retreatism and rebellion. Authentic Engagement (Highest Level) is Characterized by: persistence, sustained inquiry, self-direction, playfulness with content, and unprompted transfer of understanding. Students are immersed in work that has clear meaning and immediate value to them (for exemple, reading a book on a topic of personal interest). Read article

Guía: Continuum of Engagement: From Compliant to Flow

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La siguiente guía se orienta a mostrar los pasos involucrados en el proceso de pasar de ser un estudiante pasivo a uno que alcanza un estado de “flow” y se haya realmente comprometido con su aprendizaje:   Resumen The Continuum of Engagement provides the characteristics of a learner as they move from being passive about learning to being in the flow. How do we know learners are engaged? The four steps in the continuous of engagement are: compliant, commit, connect and flow.   Enlace: http://kathleenmcclaskey.com/engagement/

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