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4th Annual Workshop on Developing Activity Theory in Information Studies (DATIS)

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This year, the 4th annual workshop on Developing Activity Theory in Information Studies (DATIS) will be placed at the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Stockholm, Sweden. Date: June 11th 2019 Place: Stockholm, Sweden. The purpose of the workshop is to continue to provide a forum for information systems and information management scholars using activity theory. Over the last two decades the use of activity theory has developed within the field of information systems, as well as related fields such as Human Computer Interaction, information studies, organisation studies and communications. Building on this interest the aim of the workshop is threefold: Strengthen and build [...]


2021-02-08T23:26:41+01:00Tags: , , , , , | Tiching es una red educativa escolar que pretende ser un espacio de referencia en el que la comunidad educativa pueda encontrar y compartir los recursos necesarios para aprender y enseñar mejor. Su objetivo es hacer accesibles a docentes, estudiantes y familias todos los contenidos digitales educativos que existen en internet y difundirlos de forma personalizada.


2019-03-18T17:13:32+01:00Tags: , , , , | Edutopia is the website of a virtual community created and managed by George Lucas Educational Foundation. The aim is offer information, strategies, practices and resources in order to improve learning practices at nursery, primary and secondary education. In addition, and thanks to the community members contributions –with their knowledge, strategies and resources, the body of information increases every day. In Edutopia articles and videos categorized by subjects are available to users, as well as forums to discuss current issues about education. The web contents are aimed at anyone involved in education: students, families, teachers, etc.

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