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ELEOT: Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool

2019-11-12T17:45:12+00:00noviembre 13th, 2019|Tags: , , , , | The Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool (ELEOT) is a learner-centric classroom observation tool that comprises 28 items organized in seven environments aligned. The ELEOT provides useful, relevant, structured, and quantifiable data on the extent to which students are engaged in activities and/or demonstrate knowledge, attitudes, and/or dispositions that are conducive to effective learning. The environments are: Equitable Learning High Expectations Supportive Learning Active Learning Progress Monitoring and Feedback Well-Managed Learning Digital Learning The ELEOT provides an aggregate picture of classrooms across an entire school but also can be used formative and reflectively at grade level, in content-specific ways (e.g., to gather data [...]