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Manifestations of non-interest: Exploring the situated nature of students’ interest

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El siguiente artículo presenta un estudio que explora en los momentos de no-interés que ocurren dentro del proceso de interacción de los estudiantes adolescentes y jóvenes con un objeto de interés sostenido.   Referencia: Draijer, J.; Bronkhorst, L.; & Akkerman, S. (2022). Manifestations of non- interest: Exploring the situated nature of students’ interest. International Journal of Educational Research (Vol.13).   Resumen: Widespread initiatives to promote learning in school by connecting to students’ long-standing interests are challenged by increasing recognition that actual experiences of interest are always situated. This study examines moments of non-interest: moments where students engage with a sustained [...]

Personalized Learning: Practices and Principles from the Learner-Centered Movement

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The Institute4pl announce an article written by Julia Rutledge, M.S. of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The first section concentrates on how personalized learning environments may elicit 21st century skills and attributes in students. The second section introduces a number of current personalized learning trends and case studies conducted by The Gates Foundation. The last section examines certain extant learning environments and pedagogical practices. Link: here.