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Emotion in Education


We all had teachers when we were younger. Some were good teachers, some were not so good. But you know we all remember teachers who affected us in a profound way. (...) The only thing that matters is whether there was a caring context for what you learned, because that stays with you.    Emotion in Education: An interview with Maurice Elias EDUTOPIA. The director of Rutgers University's Social and Emotional Learning Lab talks about why SEL should be an integral part of academic life.  

La escuela y sus fuentes


El aprendizaje, la experiencia, las prácticas y los usos de los medios entran en la escuela con los alumnos, pero no se analizan ni se discuten dentro del aula. (Pereira, Fillol y Moura, 2019, 47)   Pereira, S., Fillol, J. y Moura, P. (2019). El aprendizaje de los jóvenes con medios digitales fuera de la escuela: De lo informal a lo formal. Comunicar, 27 (58), 41-50.

Cambiar el mundo


La educación es el arma más poderosa que puedes usar para cambiar el mundo.   - Nelson Mandela