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Educación y escultura


“La educación no es la palanca para transformar el mundo... porque podría serlo” ― Paulo Freire Revista Magistralis, números 8-11. Colaborador Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City, Mexico). Plantel Golfo-Centro. Editorial Universidad Iberoamericana, Golfo Central, 1995. p. 118

Nadie nos lo arrrebata


“Lo maravilloso de aprender es que nadie puede arrebatárnoslo” - B. B. King   Kostelanetz, Richard y Jesse Reiswig (coordinadores). The B.B. King Reader: 6 Decades of Commentary, p. 184. Edición revisada. Hal Leonard Corporation, 2005.

The world of the future


“The world is moving at a tremendous rate. Going no one knows where. We must prepare our children, not for the world of the past. Not for our world. But for their world. The world of the future” John Dewey (1859-1952).

Educación y escultura


“La escultura es para un bloque de mármol lo que la educación es para el alma humana” Joseph Addison Escandón, Rafael; Escandón Ralph. Frases célebres para toda ocasión. Editorial Diana, 1982.

Building students’ assessment capability


“When students actively participate in assessing their learning by interpreting their performance, they are better placed to recognise important moments of personal learning. This helps them to identify their own strengths and needs, and discover how to make ‘Where to next?’ decisions. Students should be educated in ways that build their assessment capabilities, so they can take increasing control of their own learning and, through this process, become more effective and independent learners”   Principles of assessment for learning

Enseñar según Joubert


“Enseñar es aprender dos veces” ― Joseph Joubert   Citado en Amat Salas, Oriol. Aprender a enseñar: Una visión práctica de la Formación de formadores. Editorial Profit Editorial, 2009