El trabajo de Solari, Vizquerra, y Engel Students’ interests for personalized learning: an analysis guide ha sido publicado en el European Journal of Psychology of Education

The lack of alignment between, on the one hand, what schools seek to teach and, on the other, the students’ interests and learning objectives is leading to increasing numbers of students who are unable to derive meaning from school activities. Personalized learning strategies represent one of the most powerful ways to help students attribute meaning and personal value to their learning. This paper has two interrelated objectives. The first is to present a guide to the analysis of educational practices that work with and from students’ interests. This tool makes it possible to identify the potential of practices to reinforce and promote the meaning and personal value that students attach to their school learning. The guide is structured around three large blocks (personalization strategies, conceptions of interests, and design and development of practices), which describe the dimensions, subdimensions, questions, and levels for the analysis. The second objective is to illustrate use of the guide by analyzing two practices designed and implemented in primary school classrooms, characterized by a focus on students’ learning interests. The paper concludes by highlighting the main contributions of the guide presented, identifying some limitations, and pointing to future lines of research.

Solari, M., Vizquerra, M.I., & Engel, A. (2022). Students’ interests for personalized learning: an analysis guide. European Journal of Psychology of Education https://doi-org.sire.ub.edu/10.1007/s10212-022-00656-3