El siguiente recurso consiste en un reporte publicado por Connected Learning Alliance sobre experiencias de involucramiento y conexión comunitaria y su impacto positivo en la vida y educación de juventudes marginalizadas o desaventajadas:



Mizuko, I. & Cross, R. (2022) Asset and Action-Based Approaches to Civic Learning: A Review of Frameworks, Evidence and Approaches. Irvine, CA: Connected Learning Alliance.



This report offers an orientation and frameworks for how experiences of civic engagement and community connection can contribute to positive educational and life outcomes for minoritized youth. The impetus for this work comes from a growing recognition that experiences of contributing to communities, and participating in movements for racial and social justice, have profound and wide-ranging influences on life outcomes for youth. This report, commissioned by the Gates Foundation as part of a broader effort to develop more holistic and equitable approaches to assessing student success, aims to be a timely and accessible field guide to a rapidly changing arena of work. It also builds on ongoing work at the Connected Learning Lab in reviewing and synthesizing research on ways that education and youth work can center programs on the culture, identity, and assets of diverse youth (Callahan et al., 2019Ito et al., 2020).


El artículo se puede leer en el siguiente link: