In the video, Professor Michael Wesch from the University of Kansas, explains why it is important to generate audiovisual records related to education. He gives the next 5 reasons which justify this importance: humanize the online class, generate links, validate and motivate students, save time, and implicit messages. It also describes how to overcome the fear of shame. In addition, it provides useful information on how to carry out this new experience at home with minimal tools such as good lighting, basic recording equipment, how to obtain good audio. These are all factors that allow you to achieve a video easily and inexpensively.

Professor Wesch gives us tips for recording the videos, which are useful to those who are doing it for the first time. These tips include not responding to fear, connecting through video and not acting, maximizing energy, relaxing and dealing with mistakes, and finally doing this experience as relaxed as possible. Through short interviews with his students, Michael Wesch finds that he generates a positive impact on them, achieving a great connection with them and with the content of his class, making learning absolutely dynamic and fluid.