In this article of KnowledgeWorks, Jillian Kuhlmann, Senior Manager Communications, writes about the role of teachers in a personalized, competency-based classroom. In the classroom, teachers are moving between groups of learners, facilitating discussions, helping students explore and set goals, or may be engaged in more direct instruction with a few students at a time. Their classrooms may offer flexible seating and students participate in decisions about how and where they learn. They may be working independently or grouped based on what they’re working on. Because this classroom looks so different, many teachers – and students, parents, school leaders, and community members – still have questions about what teaching and learning in a personalized learning environment looks like.

Some questions are addressed, such as What’s the difference between teacher-centered and student-centered classrooms? What does classroom management look like in a personalized, competency-based environment? Does personalized learning mean teachers create personalized lesson plans for every student? How does personalized learning change the nature of professional development? among other questions.

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