Postponement: SIG 27 Conference

//Postponement: SIG 27 Conference


The University of Antwerp announced the postponement of the 3rd edition of the SIG 27 Conference. The event, originally scheduled for December of this year, has been rescheduled for the next year (14-16th December 2021) in Antwerp (Belgium).

The theme of the 2020 SIG 27 conference is «Sharpening the facets of online measures: Research at the cutting edge«. The theme relates to one of the most important symbols of the city of Antwerp: the diamond. As stated in the SIG 27 mission statement, learning is an ongoing process leading to an outcome. The assessment of learning thus requires considering the whole process and not merely the outcome of learning. Therefore, more and more online measures are adopted to gain more insight into the processes that take place whilst learning. The conference will yield a great platform for discussion and exchange of experience with different online measures such as multimodal and multichannel process measures, eye-tracking, brain-imaging methods, psychophysiological measures such as EDA and heart rate variability, video data, log data and observational data.

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